Friday, July 9, 2010

Minnesota...I Miss You

Yes, we just got back. But this is a place I could stay all summer long and not get tired of it. Beautiful sunsets are only a part of it. It's the lazy days sitting on the dock reading a book. Or fishing while the loons pop up near the boat or call out in the distance with that eery cry. Maybe it is the fact that nothing is planned. No schedule to keep. Get up early or sleep in late. Your choice. No phone ringing, or TV or computer to distract you. Biggest decision? When should we go to the Sun N' Fun for a malt? And not just any malt. This is THE malt & I have had many over the years. Nothing compares to it. I think it has to do with the amount of malt powder they put in it. And that they make them in the old time green mixers with the metal cups. And the fact that we get served at the counter on old fashioned bar stools. The owners have also added a section of candy and pop from the 50's, 60's & 70's. How about an Orange Crush or Dog N' Suds Root Beer in bottle? Maybe some candy cigarettes or Jujubee's? Maybe some wax lips or some Pop Rocks?

                             A nesting Common Loon (taken with a zoom lens).

And then there is the campfire. We waited until the night before we left. Gathering twigs to get the fire started. Pulling up the metal multi-colored and slightly rusting chairs. The first smells of the birch logs burning. Two trips to the cabin for the graham crackers, chocolate bars & marshmallows along with the hot dogs (veggie dogs for us) , buns, catsup, mustard and roasting sticks. Oh yeah. Don't forget the beers and water.
Ah, but what about the mosquitos, you say? Yes, they can be bad but we have plenty of homemade bug spray & a mosquito zapper that looks like a tennis racket. Ir was a little cloudy this year but most years we go out to the end of the dock & lay down and watch for shooting stars. This year Steve, Shane & I did this at midnight on Thursday. It was a clear night with a waning moon that was just starting to come up behind the trees. Even thought the moon was starting to light up the sky, we still saw plenty of stars & one shooting star. Wish made. Hopefully answered.
We had no rain this year but a lot of wind. It didn't stop Addy & Noelle (our great-nieces) from swimming every day though. By the middle of the week it was in the eighties and the wind switched directions making it calm on our shoreline. Perfect for getting on the rafts and floating around, soaking up the sun.
Steve did miss out on some fishing & biking time this year. He hurt his back while taking the trailer off of the hitch on the first day there. His back had started to bother him a while before but he never made it to the chiropractor before we left. It tightened up as soon as he set the trailer down. So with forced relaxation, he read a couple books instead of riding his bike on the trails like we usually do. By mid-week we decided to rent the pontoon boat so he could get some fishing time in. If I ever live on a lake, I will definitely have a pontoon boat. How nice to be able to walk around & sit in comfort while you fish. On Thursday his back was feeling better so he went out in the smaller boat with Shane & me and was also able to ride his bike into town and on the trail the last full day there.
I have only missed three years of my life going up to the same lake. So that is 50 years of vacations there. No wonder it feels like home.
Shane with a large mouth bass


angie said...

That loon photo looks fake. They are amazing, aren't they?

Sounds like a lovely trip.

the wild magnolia said...

Wonderful vacation post. Love the loon's, since "On Golden Pond". I never knew of loons until then.

Like the walk down memory land, orange crush, wax lips, etc....

Glad your DH back is better.


Queen Be said...
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Anonymous said...

I love your photographs... vacations make for a great post!

Anonymous said...
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