Wednesday, June 2, 2010

Still here...

Where does the time go? We've been so busy lately, I seem to come to the end of the day with no brain cells left to blog.
On the house sale front...we finally got word that the buyer has his loan commitment as of last Friday. Banks are really slow to approve anything right now. He was pre-approved too. I was holding my breath until that phone call. We are set to close on the 10th of June. I should be packing up the garage right now but I have the urge to write. We took a van & trailer load to the farm this weekend and have only one weekend left to get the rest moved out. Not too much left, but enough to keep us busy.
 I wanted to let everyone know that we had two beautiful wedding events, first Amy (our daughter) & Rob on May 15th. It was perfect in every way. The sun came out as the ceremony was starting. Everyone had a great time & of course, the bride was beautiful. They had a band and Steve & I danced almost every dance. Fun! Here are a few picures.

Rob's sister officiated & did a great job.

Rob's niece Savanna.

Amy's best friend Lea.

Steve & Amy.

The happy couple!

The following weekend was my niece Kellie & Eric's wedding. It was another beautiful day for an outside wedding. It was in Chicago at Architectural Artifacts. It was fun to look around at all the antiques while we waited for the wedding to start & afterwards. Some pics...

My sister Cathy, mother of the bride & Eric's brother.

Niece Trisha, sister of the bride.

Great-niece Addy, flower girl.

Great-niece Noelle, flower girl.

The happy couple, Kellie & Eric.

Son Shane & Jaelyn.
Kristin, Tim & Jaelyn came up for both events. Jaelyn made her "debut" as most of the extended family hadn't seen her yet. She was a happy baby for both events. So we got to see her 3 weekends in a row (including the baptism the week before Amy's wedding.) I am having withdrawals :-(.

Here is a family photo from Kellie's wedding.

The day after.

In between the weddings, I made it to the farm for a few days to mow & put the garden in. I'll blog about farm stuff next post.

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Anonymous said...

Glad your closing is set!! That is about the same time we are going to close on Kelly's house! Our inspections are done and all repairs completed. Now it's just a matter of closing. The wedding pictures were great! Loved the family photo! Weddings are so much fun! ...debbie