Monday, May 10, 2010

Catching Up...

I hope everyone had a great Mother's Day yesterday. It was a beautiful day in Illinois. We left very early in the morning for Jaelyn's baptism south of Peoria. Tim's family lives there and that is where the church is that they attend. Jaelyn was a good girl all day. She only cried when the holy water was poured over her head (the pastor got carried away a little :-).
So sweet in her dress & tights!

We are the short ones next to Kristin :-)

                                      Son Shane, Tim's sister Meghan and husband Jeff were Jaelyn's sponsors.
Tim's grandparents shared the day with Jaelyn.

After the service, we went back to Tim's parent's house for lunch, opening presents and cake. It was a wonderful day at the Leesman's. They are a close-knit, fun family. We are very happy that Kristin is a part of it.
On the way down, we went past a lot of windmills. I took this shot on Route 30 headed west. The smoke in the backround to the right is the Byron nuclear power plant. I think I'd rather look at windmills :-)

On the way back, we attempted to find Henry's Farm.   We were in the area, but didn't see a sign. Weren't sure of the exact address. I read the book The Season's of Henry's Farm and Steve is reading it now. The land in most of Illinois is so flat, but around the area of the farm it is quite a rolling river valley. After we got home we took a walk down the path by the creek. We have both been tired lately. Steve from overworking at work and me from overworking at home with sorting & packing after work. So it was early to bed.
I haven't been blogging much lately because of being tired. My brain just seems to shut off. Don't want to be writing jibberish, so I just stay away from it when tired.
Last weekend at the farm we met with a contractor who does drywall. We finally decided that the ceiling finishing is too much for us to do with our necks being hurt in the accident. He got back to us this week with the estimate. Although it seems high, we are going ahead with it. He is probably finishing it up today or tomorrow. He has worked for the neighbors before, so we trust him to be there without us. We also planted more trees. Ten aronia bushes were planted by the hazelnuts. Four Siberian Pea Shrubs in the orchard along with four Pixwell gooseberry bushes and two Jostaberries. Four Russian Olive were planted in misc. spots near the wooded area of the property. The Siberian Peas are good chicken feed, so we planted them close to where we want the chickens to be. We still have three Kiwi and three Paw Paws to plant. We received the kiwi's the Friday that we went to the farm & put the box in the van. When I opened the box, the instructions said they first should be planted in a pot indoors and placed in the sunshine until they get stronger (a couple weeks). Well, we forgot them along with a box of other stuff at the farm. The Jostaberries got here after we got back. So by the time I get back to the farm to mow, the kiwis might be dead. I won't be there until next week sometime. That's quite a while to be in the box with no water.
      Trees planted in the orchard.

          Sunday morning at sunrise.

       Steve playing with Shep, Eli & Lizzie's dog

We also mowed on Sunday and weeded the garlic. Next visit, I hope to get to the strawberries and maybe plant the potatoes. I might ask Eli or one of the boys if they can use the one bottom plow to make a couple rows for me. So much easier than digging it all myself.
Amy & Rob's wedding is this weekend! Time is going by so fast. Amy is so organized. Everything is all set. Hope everyone has a good week.


angie said...

I had wondered what the 'meeting with a drywaller' previous comment meant. Good choice - drywalling is such a hard job. We are also sub'ing out some of our work at the vacant apartment (painting and floors). Two people can only do so much! And when you go up next, the drywalling (and I assume the muding & taping?) will be done! Hope so - that will be huge progress for you.

Keep us updated!

Happy Days said...

I really like your new header with the horses! The Christening looked lovely. It's such a great celebration. Sometimes it's just so much better all around to have someone finish up a project. Not worth having pain for weeks at a time! Good for you both for hiring it out. Enjoyed your photos. The orchard is coming right along! Nice selection of trees you've got.
It'll be nice when you both can move to the farm. ...debbie

Barb and Steve said...

Angie...we put up the drywall on the ceiling & the contractor will be mudding & taping it. It is way out of our expertise :-). Glad you are getting help with your project too.
Debbie...thanks about the header. Maybe someday we will have our own animals in the pasture instead of Eli's. I can see a couple alpacas grazing there now :-)

PatQ said...

The farm looks great! And Jaelynn is such a sweet little girl. You guys all look wonderful. Hope to see you soon.

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