Saturday, April 24, 2010

Welcome Rain at the Farm

We drove up yesterday afternoon after having lunch with Steve's dad. Rain was in the forecast but we just got sprinkled on. We brought a van full of stuff from the attic at home. It is exciting to be moving stuff from the town home to here. Next week we will begin packing up garage stuff and the rest of the boxes in the attic and bring up another load. The buyer's bank called to let us know that the appraiser will be calling us next week to set up a time to come over. The sooner the better :-). When the appraisal is done, we can start moving some of the furniture to the farm. The closing is set for June 10th. Next weekend is the last weekend we will be up here for a while. Since it rained so much today, I didn't get the chance to mow and it is long after a 2 week absence. Tomorrows forecast is rain, too. My gooseberry & jostaberry trees were delivered on Thursday but they will have to wait until next weekend to be planted, I'm afraid.
So today we built a shelf in the basement out of lumber we had here to hold some of the boxes we are bringing up. Next week we will probably build another one for the garage items.

We are starting to try to keep things organized. I am going up in the attic tomorrow to categorize the piles of boxes so I can find things more easily. We will be moving almost everything from the town home here, so it needs to be in some order.

Tonight we walked over to Eli & Lizzie's to get some eggs. The boys were shoeing a horse, the baby sheep were running around in the pasture and the new calf was peaking out of the barn. Everyone seemed to be healthy. We stayed & talked until a visitor (Lizzie's brother) arrived from Ohio.

Last Sunday, I headed down to visit Kristin, Tim & Jaelyn and stayed until Tuesday afternoon. I just love being there! I got to watch Jaelyn all day Monday while Kristin & Tim went to work. Kristin's day off is Tuesday, so we got a chance to hang out too. Jaelyn is so sweet. She loves seeing herself in the mirror now. She smiles & makes noises like she is talking.

I had to get back home by Wednesday morning for the home inspection. Everything went pretty well. We did find out that the central air unit wasn't grounded. Wish our inspector had found that when we bought. We had it fixed by Thursday morning at a cost of $80. The only other thing (that I heard about so far) is having CO2 detectors installed. It is a new law as of 2008. Not sure if we will have to do that or if the buyer will do it. Haven't got the final report back yet.

So things are moving along. June will be here before we know it. With a baptism and two weddings before we move, seems like every moment has to be productive. We have three weekends free to finish moving. What a rush!


The cottage by the Cranelake said...

It´s a nice feeling isn´t it :-) moving Your stuff up to the barn :-) I remember how I felt moving up here :-) But I did have a lot more time since I only had an appartement and could move whenever I wanted just letting go of the lease.

I think I´ll have to mowe the lawn next week for the first time here. We still have frost almost every night, sometimes the temperatures droppes down to 21F.

What on earth is a CO2 detector? and why do You need one? I´ve never even heard of that before.
Have a great day now!

the wild magnolia said...

You have gathered your thoughts about the move and soon you will gather your belongings.

Happy Sunday.

Barb and Steve said...

A CO2 detector is for carbon monoxide. We are hoping they don't require us to buy them. It will be about $90 for two. It all depends on what they want and it is a "buyer's market" now.

Katidids said...

Check with your local fire department, they often have them to give away. It's worth a try any way

angie said...

Hi Barb,

Oh wow, this is exciting!

Your granddaughter is extremely cute.

PatQ said...

We missed you guys on Sunday! But it looks like you've been really busy. How exciting, the moving is progressing. And Jaelyn is as cute as a bugs ear.

Anonymous said...

nice to know you ~........................................

Anonymous said...


Carol............. said...

Ahhh...moving...excitement and drudgery all at the same time!