Monday, April 5, 2010

Showing Went Well & Farm Stuff

I cleaned most of the morning for a half-hour showing, but it went well. The realtor lives in my neighborhood & so does the mom of the prospective buyer. The son likes our model the best out of about four different ones. We are very competitive and the $8,000 incentive ends this month, so we are hoping for a sale. If not, we'll keep plugging away.

This weekend we had all kinds of weather packed in three days. Rain, wind, sun, clouds, more rain on the drive home. I did get some outside time in on Saturday & Sunday. Took a long walk & checked out the apple trees, hazelnuts, blueberries, etc. Found out we lost four hazelnuts. They were bent over & out of the ground. We still have 96 left though :-). Our neighbor Jim came over & let us know he will till the garden asap. It is early yet, but he is going to till at least twice, the second time to kill any weeds that pop up. I still would like to go no-till, but that's not in the plans now until we get up there full time. So if he gets it tilled, I might be planting hull-less oats next weekend. We also hope to get our apple scions picked up to graft too. The following weekend, we will be busy with a bridal show & the kitchen & bath show in Chicago.

I went through more gardening catalogs and have decided on my order this year for bushes. I'll post that after I finalize tomorrow. I bought some onion sets (red & yellow) at the co-op in town yesterday. This nice weather is getting to me. Need to be planting soon :-)

The green home show in town Saturday was nice. We reconnected with a couple people & met a few new people from the area. Everyone it seems had looked at our propety before we bought it. We knew it had a lot of showings. Everyone is excited about it & wants to see what we did with it.

I think I will go back home now & enjoy the clean house while it lasts.
Steve, finishing the bedroom drywall.
The sky was beautiful on Saturday
Garlic is growing tall with all the warm weather

                                            Shep (border collie) & Brutus (rottweiler mix) visiting.


jaz@octoberfarm said...

wouldn't it be great if this guy buys your place? best of luck and i hope he does!

the wild magnolia said...

How full your life is. I think you are planting "life" seeds and there is a big harvest coming.

♥ Pacy said...

I'll keep my fingers crossed for you. I need to put my house up for sale, maybe that will get me cleaning too. Been spending to much time outdoors and not enough in cleaning.
☻ Pacy

The cottage by the Cranelake said...

I really hold my thumbs so the guy buys Yur house!!

Anonymous said...

Hope you sell your house soon!! At least this month! The bedroom is looking just great! I would imagine the people who looked at The Big Red Barn and didn't buy it will shake their heads at their loss!!...debbie