Tuesday, December 8, 2009

Weather Related Day Off, Progress at the Farm & Baby News

Very fine flakes of snow are falling to the earth this morning. So peaceful looking (if you are sitting at home enjoying it). It is predicted that we will get 4-8 inches in our area of Illinois. Up to twelve inches at the farm. Steve left for work around 6:30 & told me to call him before I drove in to work so he could let me know how the roads are. I called him a few minutes ago & he said it's kind of slick & since it is just starting, I should stay home if I want. I will never say no to that :-). He knows I am freaked out about driving when it is slick out. I just don't like it when other drivers tailgate me if they think I am going too slow. It is our anniversary today, so it is a nice present from him to stay home. Tomorrow is supposed to be worse so I might be home then, too. Not like I don't have anything to do at home. We are getting the townhome ready to put on the market. Last week we painted the master bedroom & I will start on the kitchen this week.  I still have holiday baking to do so I want to get the painting done before that. Then there is the cleaning of closets, general cleaning & sorting & cleaning the garage. I remember when we bought our first house. No one expected a house to look like a model. Now they do. Oh well. I just hope it sells.
Our son Shane came up to the farm this weekend & helped us out so much. Usually it is just Steve & I struggling to lift heavy stuff (actually, I struggle while he doesn't :-). Anyway...the foil backed insulation is up on the basement ceiling to hold in the heat from the radiant floor pex tubing, John from Green Home Solar came over & made the finishing adjustment to the boiler system, the drywall is up that closes off our new living area from the workshop area & cotton blue jean insulation is up on the drywalled wall. We are all set for winter now. Won't have to worry about frozen pipes this winter. Just in time too. The temps are supposed to be near zero at night this week. We will be able to sleep better knowing the barn is all cozy for winter.

Shane & Steve working on the basement insulation

The finished ceiling

Steve & Shane working on the drywall

The new living area is officially walled off

 Blue jean insulation on the workshop side of the wall

                                                Shane trying out the warm floor. It is great!

In other news...I am going to have to start lifting weights! Kristin's latest ultrasound shows the baby is around 5 pounds 10 ounces and she has 6 weeks to go. She was only 6 lbs. 2 oz. when she was born. Her husband Tim is a tall guy & most of his family is too. She has shared with us the 3-D ultrasound pictures and it is so amazing! Pictures of the baby sucking her thumb. Considering I didn't even know what sex the kids were going to be, it is really something. Hoping the weather will cooperate at Christimas time so they can make the trip to our house. If not, we will head down to the Peoria area to see them. Steve & I are making a cradle for our new granddaughter & better get busy. Time is flying by. She will be here in no time.


Anonymous said...

WOW! how different everything looks! You guys have really worked long and hard and it looks GREAT!! Won't it be fun to have a new baby! You'll have to take a picture of the cradle when it's done. What a nice gift! Be safe in that bad weather, I'm watching it on the weather channel!! Merry Christmas!! ...debbie

The cottage by the Cranelake said...

It looks so fine at the farm! So it´s so close to putting the house on the market! Great!

I remember when I moved out here, when I new that I had bought my cottage I just couldn´t wait to moving day. It almost aced inside :-)
Have a great day now!

Sue said...

Cograts on your anniversary (and a day off from work!) Hooray!!
The barn sure is coming along and I can't wait to see it when its done.
Enjoy the storm!

Jenna Gayle said...

That's really neat that you're making the cradle!! I'm sure it will be more than greatly appreciated!

angie said...

Hey Barb,

wow - the progress is great! Are you putting your IL house on the market in the spring? I wish you all the best!!

Barb and Steve said...

Thanks everyone!
Angie..we are putting it on the market in January. Hoping the tax incentive will spur a sale.