Tuesday, October 6, 2009

Getting Ready for Radiant Heat

Last weekend we met with John Murphy from GreenHome Solar again about the specifics of putting in the pex tubing for the radiant heat. We are now waiting on the wide crown staple gun we ordered. It should be here by the time we get back from Oregon so we can get started. We will be stapling the tubing to the plywood under the main living area floor. After that, we will staple insulation to the bottom of the rafters. I will try to take a lot of pictures to walk everyone through the process with us.

Since we didn't have a stapler to do the job yet, we worked on more windows on the north side of the barn. Every new window makes such a difference. The old Amish windows were single pane and you could just about throw a cat through the leaks (sorry Mia :-)
We also have two outside doors to put in, hopefully before the snow flies. I painted one of them last weekend inside so it will look finished when we get it in.Three windows done on the north side
Steve fixing the hole from the old basement stairs

We also needed to fix the hole in the floor from the previous stairs leading to the basement so we can install the pex tubing.

New boiler for the radiant floor heat

John has been there during the week installing the Munchkin boiler system for the radiant heat. When we are done putting up the pex, he will come back & hook it up. We will still have several projects to get done upstairs before it will be effective for the winter, though. Closing in the wall between the shop & the living area, insulating, drywalling and putting up doors to the basement & shop are all a "have to".

Besides doing all of that, I need to get the garlic planted & the potatoes & leeks harvested. It was too wet to prepare for the garlic last weekend. I did find a source for organic straw in the area for the strawberries, blueberries & garlic.

I picked the last of the tomatoes, dug all the carrots, cut some parsley, picked the gourds and one red cayenne pepper before we left for home. With not being up there this weekend, I'm afraid that it will frost and be the end of the garden for the year. I guess it will be a relief (as long as I get the garlic planted) that it is done. We really couldn't keep up with the weeds this year. Next years' garden will be much smaller, at least until we get done doing the major projects on the barn.
I will be "off-line" for a week on vacation. Talk to you when I get back..


jaz said...

hi barb...i love radiant heat! thanks for reminding me about my garlic. i am planting it today. my garden is done for the year too. have fun on your trip!

Meadowlark said...

Where in Oregon? Perhaps you're close by?

Barb and Steve said...

We are flying into Portland & then on to Corvallis & then the coast. Is that near you?

Meadowlark said...

Nah, we're smack dab in the middle. Always worth a shot though!

Anonymous said...

The Barn is coming right along. It looks so nice with the new windows.
The radiant heat sounds wonderful. If you get cold, you can lay on the floor with Mia!! lol Have a great time on your vacation! Take lots of pictures. I haven't seen Oregon yet!!...See ya when you get back...debbie

PatQ said...

The barn is looking great. I love the new windows. Have fun on vacation.

angie said...


I may have missed something on the radiant floor heat. Is it solar or is the boiler run off of propane?

We're considering solar radiant floor with woodstove backup for the farm house.

Have a nice vacation!

Barb and Steve said...

Hi Angie...the floor will be run off of propane until we get a couple more solar panels. The 2 panels we have now are for the water heating. Will take at least 2more to do the floor, maybe more. We won't have to worry about frozen pipes this winter. So glad about that!

The Bird said...

Hello from a fellow Wisconsinite! You and your husband are certainly an ambitious pair! Good luck with your farming and have a great time on your trip :)

The cottage by the Cranelake said...

Looks really great!
it´s a shame that we have such long winters over here, solarpanes would only do the work during late spring to early autumn here. Through the winter we would need something else to heat up our water.
Have a great day now!

Carol............. said...

Enjoyed your post(s) so much. Your place is just great!

Makes my 6 foot single row of galic that I just planted seem very pitiful! LOL

Will visit again!