Thursday, October 29, 2009

A Couple Days of Fun

I got back yesterday morning from the Peoria area. I went to visit my daughter & her husband and to help paint the baby's room. We had a great time! I really loved being able to participate in preparing my future granddaughter's room. We painted to match the colors of the bedding set they picked out. It is really cute. Monkeys, bears, giraffes, etc. with different shades of purple in the background. We used Olympic No VOC paint from Lowe's. I recommend this paint. It is thick & goes on great. No offensive odor. The shade for three walls is Misty Lilac and the other wall is Summer Melon. It matches the comforter perfectly.Kristin & Tim

After we finished painting, we put the crib together and then got out the bedding to see how it all came together. I can just picture the baby in the crib :-)

Only a few days until Halloween...we will be at the farm. No need to buy candy. The Amish don't celebrate Halloween :-). Here are my great-nieces in their costumes (made by my niece Trisha)...Noelle looking cute in her Karate outfitAddy looking cute as a Tootsie Roll


jaz@octoberfarm said...

what a great time! i am glad you are all so happy!!!

fullfreezer said...

Peoria. Wow, you were only an hour or two from us.
What fun you've been having. I hope you have a peaceful Halloween.

Sue said...

Love that Summer Melon color-nice!
You're lucky to be able to be so close to the baby.

SkippyMom said...

What a sweet post. Congrats on the future grandbaby :)

I LOVE the tootsie roll costume. Too cute.

RAM said...
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Anonymous said...

One of life's great pleasures is getting ready for a new baby! The room and the crib and bedding look great! We had Trick or Treat last night (Thurs). Guess you'll be working on your floor heat huh? Drive safe and have a great weekend...debbie

fullfreezer said...

We're about 150 miles from Peoria. so probably just over 2 hours away. I'd love to meet you in the Quad cities, Galesburg area sometime when you're down. It could be fun.