Thursday, July 9, 2009

Steve Mentioned in Magazine Article

It's not the first time but I thought I would share this one. The article is in the July/August issue of Chicago Home & Garden Magazine.
We have worked with the designer, Claudia Skylar of Mastro & Skylar for years and we have been written up in several magazines in the Chicago area over the years. Steve does such great work & it makes me proud.


Anonymous said...

What a great article! He must be one fine cabinet maker!! Does he have to go away much to measure cabinets? That is really neat! Thanks so much for sharing your hubby with us. I don't blame you for being so proud of him!! And...he certainly deserves recognition!!...debbie

Kritter Keeper said...

wow, how talented! daddy made my solid cherry bookcase and other tables, etc. so i know the hard work and the perfection that must go in every piece. thanks for sharing! kudos to your husband!

Barb and Steve said...

Thanks! He mostly goes into Chicago & surrounding burbs so it's not too far to travel.