Tuesday, July 14, 2009

Raising Awareness of the Threats Posed By Factory Farming

Please check out this link and consider helping the cause to bring awareness of the environmental and public health threats that factory farming causes.


Update: We still haven't heard anything new as far as the CAFO siting. Petry Trust is keeping a low profile now, not talking to anyone about what their latest plan is. They have a lot of opposition in the county, maybe that is why.
There was an article in the Vernon Broadcaster last week about making the Amish pick up their horse poo. Here is a link.

Maybe bigger issues should be the focus of the people of the county. Like the smell of a CAFO in their back yard.


SuburbanGardener said...

Crazy world. We're visiting in Colorado and the locals are fighting a losing battle against big businesses who are converting untouched mountain land into huge condos. If you want a CAFO, why not put it in a remote area that no one treasures. Nevada? Dunno.

The cottage by the Cranelake said...

Do they tell car owners to collect the fumes from the cars too :-) They sure must have a trouble free life if that is a big problem :-)

The first article was really good.
Have a great day now!

Red Dogs Farm said...

Petry is probably reviewing his options at the moment with the down turn in the housing market, recent drop in corn prices by about 2 dollars a bushel, and raising cost of milk production coupled with low milk prices. Local dairies in Vernon County are folding left and right. One mid-size dairy in Liberty Pole just shut down. Another on Nottingham Ridge early last year. Talking with owner on Nottingham Ridge on the 4th, he mentioned if he was milking today, it would cost him about 4.00 a day to milk each head or about 250 to 300 dollars a day for the pleasure of milking. The basic response you get from dairy farmers at the moment is they are being paid 1970's prices for milk with 2009 costs being required.
Organic is not doing much better, quite a few are shutting down or letting their licenses lapse.

Petry will probably wait till the milk prices go back up in a year or so as the production cut backs fully hit the supply line.

I dont see any problem in requiring any person, no matter their lifestyle or religious beliefs, to be responsible for cleaning up waste products generated by their livestock or animals within city limits. You have to clean up after your dogs, so why not clean up after your horses? Use a sling and catch box when in town. I dont see a need for it along rural roads.

We also do clean up the exhaust, to some extent, from our autos - the whole EPS emissions bit.

Irritated Farmer said...

I just bought land it TX and over in Paris they say that Daisy is putting in a 12k cow dairy so that they can go into the yogurt business and have full control through vertical integration.
I'm leaving AL because of chicken CAFO's and now they tell me some egg outfit is going to drill test wells for a large egg production facility two miles south of me. I' thinking about Alaska as a good place to homestead.