Wednesday, May 13, 2009

On the Home Front

I have been lax at posting lately. Not positive, but I think the therapy is "kicking my butt". I am dreaming non-stop at night and am falling asleep early. I am sound asleep when Steve comes in to kiss me "bye" in the morning. Hope I'm not this way all during the therapy.

Yesterday my sister & I took Mom out to lunch for her 80th birthday. She is in an assisting living home now and doesn't get out as much as she used to. The family also had a Mother's Day/birthday party for her on Sunday at my brother's house. After we dropped her off, we went to TAILS, an animal shelter in DeKalb. I have been thinking about getting Mia a companion to keep her company. It must be so hard to work there. I would want to take them all home! I was just looking and didn't see one that fit the criteria... 1. not to big because Mia is a small cat 2.under a year old because I think Mia would take to that better, maybe be a mother to it. I haven't convinced Steve yet either. That might take a while :-)

It's almost time to get my garden planted in Wisconsin. Last year we planted late due to the cool weather.
This is my "growing" area. The windows are large and face south. The door faces west. Lots of bright sun shines here. It doesn't look like much from this picture but there is more on the floor (at least 12 tomatoes) and three containers of potatoes growing "eyes" and waiting to be planted. In the corner there is a card table with about 25 plants on it. The tomatoes have really shot up in the last week. I'm hoping for good weather this weekend at the farm so I can plant some seeds and the rest of the strawberries that came last week. I am still waiting on three rhubarb plants and then my orders should all be here. I have been debating whether to plant anything this year at our townhouse. Last year it was a few tomatoes and some chard along with mint & basil. I did pick up a basil and a lemon balm plant a couple days ago. My basil seeds are slow going. The hot pepper seedlings are pretty small too so I might have to buy some of those.

I will post again about Lizzie and the baby this weekend when we get to see them. It's hard not being able to just call them and find out how they are doing. Just a few days away...


UPON A HILL said...

You are one tired woman! Rest is due you. What a little garden you have in your house? Hope that you have a great summer there & a bountiful harvest this year.

The cottage by the Cranelake said...

My tomatoe plants are slowly growing here now. Don´t know why they don´t grow faster, I do everything like a always does. Have to build a wall greenhouse too now, so I can have them outside. But we had 25F last night, so they´ll stay inside for a while more.

jaz said... get to see the baby this weekend!! what fun!! tell lizzie i said hello and i am glad everything turned out like it did. i look at your grow stash in your house and have visions of that happening to me next year. i keep needing more and more room to grow! did you see the grow rack i built in my garage? it is great and i might be building another. i have a lot of my plants in the beds already but i still have some under lights. can't wait to hear about the new baby. joyce

Sue said...

I think you should probably still plant something at the townhouse. What if you can't get to the farm? At least then you'd have something green and growing.
Enjoy...looks like your going to have a wonderful start to a garden.

Blondie's Journal said...

You should get the dog, Barb. Mia will love the company and you won't need so many blankets at night on the farm! ;-)

Happy planting!!


angie said...

Looks good Barb! I was happy to read about you having to buy pepper plants this year. My seedlings are slow going and I'm going to have to buy some also. Good thing I'm practicing before we live at the farm full-time!

PatQ said...

I have been really lax at posting. I just don't have time for all I want to do.

Anonymous said...

What a lovely room for growing plants! Love all the windows and doors, I like LOTS of light. Your plants look pretty darn good and healthy. I'm not sure you'd have to worry about cat size. I bought mom a Main Coon cat 8 years ago and he is HUGE and she got another kitten a year ago and it was tiny and has grown into a small kitty and they get along great. They look like Mutt n Jeff. Can't wait to hear some news about Lizzie...debbie

Midlife Jobhunter said...

Doesn't look like much, you say. Looks like you already have a ton of work time put in for your garden. Must be beautiful. Hope you will post pictures.

Valerie said...

Hello there.

I discovered your blog via Christer's in Sweden. Had to travel halfway around the world to discover someone who is relatively closer to me then many parts of America (we are Kansans).

I googled your location just to get an idea of where you are located. My husband's family is from eastern Iowa/Southwestern Wisconsin. My father-in-law grew up in the Mississippi River community of MacGregor, IA and Prairie Du Chien, WI. In fact, my kiddo's Great-Grandparents still live in Prairie. My husband's Aunt and her family are long-time residents of LaCrosse (OnAlaska).

Such a beautiful area! Much more beautiful part of the Mississippi than where I grew up (St. Louis)!!!

Blessings to you,