Wednesday, May 27, 2009

Did We Really Get That Much Planted?

It was a nice, long weekend at the farm. It rained Friday night & early Saturday. We did a few minor things inside before heading out to do some tree maintenance. Last weekend we were going to put cardboard around the hazelnut & chestnut trees but we ran out of time. We did get it done on Saturday along with tree protectors. The hazelnuts are all leafed out and growing. The chestnuts are just starting to leaf out. We also seeded clover in the swales to keep the weeds under control.

Apple leaf with Asian Beetle
We started working in the garden after we finished up by the trees. I still can't believe how much we got done. Here is a list of what was planted Saturday and Sunday...

Rhubarb roots (3)

Tomatoes-Brandywine, Amish Paste, Wisconsin 55, Lg. Red Cherry, Cherry Roma and Beam's Yellow Pear

Sunflowers-Mongolian Giant, Manmouth & Titan

Popcorn-2" Strawberry, Baby Fingers & Smoke Signals

Carrots -Scarlett Nantes & Scarlett Keeper

Zucchini-Cozelle & Black Beauty

Cucumber -Bushy and can't remember other kind

Melon-Early Silverline

Cantaloupe-Healy's Pride & Pride of Wisconsin

Beans-Calypso, Charlevoix, Ireland Creek Annie, Henderson, Hidatsa Red, Lina Cisco's

Squash-Summer, Verte Et Blanc, Jaunet Et Blanc, Table Queen, Waltham Butternut, Potimarron, Amish Pie, Long Island Cheese, Sweet Potato

Gourds-Dipper, Bird's Nest, Chinese Miniature, Warted

Pumpkin-Small Sugar, Young's Beauty, Dickenson's

Potatoes-Rose Finn Fingerlings, Yukon Gold, Yellow Finn

Borage-for pollination

We also planted 10 tree seedlings from the Arbor Day Foundation. Not sure what kinds they are.

Even though it seems like we should be done...we have more to plant this coming weekend.

Peppers, leeks, parsley, basil, peas, pole beans, cabbage, brussels sprout, cauliflower & broccoli. Then we should be done!

So along with the greens we planted the week before, we should have plenty of food to eat, freeze, can & dry.

I also did another soil test & sent it today. I did one last fall too. I want to compare the pH levels on the tests and the first test didn't show the nitrogen level.

It has been raining the last couple days up there so things should be popping up by the time we get there.

This is our "Little House on the Prairie" view

West view of barn with solar hot water panels Sunday night we went over the the neighbors behind us for dinner. Fresh asparagus, potatoes, salad...yumm. Had a really great time. Mike is a chiropractor & runs a holistic healing center in town and his wife Brenda is a stay at home mom who is active in the community. There were two other couples there too. Both couples are farmers and small business people. One couple runs a CSA and an artisan bakery in town & the other is starting a fermented drinks business. Great conversation with like-minded people, beautiful sunset, who could ask for more! We have made so many new friends in Wisconsin and always look forward to the trip up.

Chives are blooming. This is what a battery looks like after it explodes. I hope you never have to see one. The golf cart quit working Monday so Steve was trying to fix it. It has a seat that flips up and the six batteries sit under it. He had just put the seat down, sat on it, turned the key and "bam!" it exploded. I was on the other side of the barn and it was like a gun shot. I ran to the barn to see what was wrong & he was standing looking at the batteries, shaking his head. He is okay, but had a headache for the rest of the day from the fumes. The battery acid leaked all over the garage floor so we put baking soda on it (luckily I had a big box of it) and neutralized it.

Enough excitement for the day. I went to visit Lizzie & the baby before we left for home. They are doing great. The baby has gained back her birth weight & Lizzie is in good spirits. She will be able to get around more in a couple weeks.
Traffic was heavy around Madison but wasn't as bad as we thought it would be on the drive home.
We will be leaving Friday again for the farm. Glad it is a short week :-)


The cottage by the Cranelake said...

You really have worked hard and fast! That was a lot for a weekend, bet You slept well after that :-) I´ve just started to think of sowing the annuals now :-) :-)
Take care!

Anonymous said...

Oh My Goodness!Steve is really lucky that his bottom didn't get hurt. I bet that scared a few years off him! pictures were pretty. I just wrote Lizzy a short note today. Was glad to hear all is well with her and baby Franny...debbie

Rabbit Hill Farm said...

What a great weekend and what a gorgeous Little House and the Prairie view. - M

ThrtnWmsFam said...

Wow! You got a lot done. We got a some done too but seeing as we're trying to get this place ready to move, our planting had to be mostly in containers. Hope to take a pic next week. Glad you stop by our sites to visit! And good that Steve didn't really get injured. Vikki at, and

jaz said...

all i can say is i am glad christer did not have a battery under his bicycle seat. who knows what would have happened. i hope you read that post by him or you will think i am crazy! glad steve is ok! guys really got a lot done! when do you move there permanently? joyce

Sue said...

What gorgeous pictures (well, the battery doesn't thrill me.....)
Glad Steve was okay.
And good deal having a neighbor that's a chiropracter. With all you do, you might just be needing one!!

Barb and Steve said...

Hi all depends on the economy & especially the CAFO siting. :-(

ChristyACB said...

Now that is an amazing amount of planting! Are you sore today?

Speaking of sore, very glad he didn't get his bum burned by that accident!

angie said...

Wow, that is QUITE A list!

Christine said...

I need to get borage again. I used to have tons of it but one year it wasn't successful reseeding and I haven't been able to find it locally since.

Too early for a garden here yet unless you are ready to cover at a moment's notice. Had frost Sunday.