Tuesday, June 19, 2012

Meet Grover!

This is Grover, our new 8 week old kitten.
He likes the chickens...
He likes Vinnie...
And after a week of hissing & growling, I think Tigger is accepting him :-)
We are having a mini heat wave right now in Wisconsin. It is hot and that is why I am indoors while it is still light out, blogging. Working outside in this heat is killer. I did it all day yesterday & then came in & used the steam juicer to make cherry & strawberry juice. It was very hot in the kitchen, but oh so worth it. I wanted to get the cherry juice done before vacation so we can sit on the dock, sipping our cherry/lemonade drink while looking out over the lake & listening to the loons.
There is a lot to be done before Saturday. My list is long. One thing about the lack of rain here. The grass isn't growing much. I have been harvesting fruit every day though. Nanking cherries are now done. The strawberries just won't quit. Raspberries are coming on strong. Blueberries are just starting. The potatoes look great right now but we have been picking off potato bugs every day. I am going to hire one of the neighbor boys to take care of that while we are gone. If left on the plants, they will strip the leaves in a couple days.
This is the lower garden. The potatoes are the back 3 1/2 rows. There are also sweet potatoes, cabbage, squash & a few extra tomato plants. The hazelnuts are planted in the pasture area below.
There is about an hour of daylight left & the sun is down behind the woods by the orchard...maybe I'll get in a little more weeding :-).


Anonymous said...

What happened to your other kitty? Was her name Mia? The new kitten is really cute. It doesn't take long for animals to get along. I love cherries! I just bought 2 bags today! Missed you, glad your back...debbie

~Kim at Golden Pines~ said...

It has been a long time since we had a kitten, and your post reminds me of just how darn cute they are and why cats were always my first love!!

I hope you're staying cool and enjoying your weekend!!

angie said...

Hiya Barb,

The new guy is cute. I just saw the RIP on Mia. I'm sorry; I didn't realize she was gone.

Hope you are surviving this heat and this drought. Hope you guys are well. Now that the garlic is in maybe we'll get up your way sometime soon. :)

Barb said...

That would be great Angie. The heat & drought are really hard to take. But it is still better than winter :-)