Sunday, December 11, 2011

Time to Finish the Drywall

We have been debating how much pine to put on the walls. We finally made a decision & then called a drywall er to finish the walls that will be painted.  What would takes us a couple weeks to do (on weekends), he will get done in a day & a half. So tomorrow morning he'll start. We moved all the furniture to the center of the room & covered it with plastic. We are now hanging out in the "cabin room" (the guest area) for a couple days. There isn't radiant floor heat under this floor, so the wood stove is the only heat source. It is keeping us toasty right now, but we will probably have to stoke it in the middle of the night. We will start to prime the walls in a week or so then paint. I'll share the colors we picked out when we get closer to painting.
Tonight I wrapped all the presents that are either purchased or made so far. This coming weekend is our Christmas celebration with family in Illinois. I still have a couple things to make. That's what I'll be doing when the drywall is being done.
Steve & I decorated the sugar cookies Saturday night after going out to The Driftless Cafe for our anniversary. Number nine!  Doesn't seem possible it has been that long. Seems like yesterday that we where in Maui, standing on the beach at sunset getting married.
It's getting late, I'm off to bed. Have a great week!

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Anonymous said...

I love pine after many years of being on the wall and turning a nice warm amber. Will be anxious to see your walls when your done!! MERRY CHRISTMAS debbie