Thursday, November 3, 2011

A New Look for an Old Clothes Pin Bag

 This is my mom's old clothes pin bag which was in pretty bad shape (besides being an ugly 60's or 70's fabric).
Here is the frame. That is Tigger's paws in the foreground. It took a few minutes of playing with the frame before I could have it back :-).

Here is the finished bag. Now sporting a 1950's print from an old tablecloth. Total time for this project...10 minutes. I've wanted to do this for a couple years. Every time I hung clothes to dry, I thought about it.
Tonight I started working on a pad for Vinnie to lay on by the couch made out of the other half of the down bed topper. While scrounging around in the attic today, I found two slipcovers from chairs that we no longer have. They are tan colored cotton, canvas-like material. Perfect size for the pad, plus a lot of leftover material for other projects. I threw the fabric in the wash & will start sewing tomorrow. You must think I never throw anything out :-). Well, I do throw SOME things out, but usually not fabric. I knew someday I would find a project that needed those chair slipcovers. I'll have to go up in the attic again tomorrow & see what else I can find....


SharleneT said...

Couldn't you just dance a jig when you bring new life to old memories! And, I'm delighted that you used vintage material. What's old is new, again... Thanks for sharing, first with kitty and then with us.

Colorado Girl said...

That is really cool! Do they even make things like that now? I've been looking for something to hold my clothespins!