Thursday, August 5, 2010

Vanity is Taking Shape

You may remember,  a long time ago, that we were working on a vanity for the farm. (See here). We didn't get to far when all the other everyday stuff took over & it got pushed to the side. When you own your own business, stuff tends to get in the way of what you would like to do a lot. This past week, we made the decision that we are putting in the vanity this weekend. So we (mostly Steve) have been working on it after hours in the shop. It is in the spray booth now being sprayed with a water based finish. After that, it will be sanded & sprayed two more times then put together.
Steve spraying the doors
Front of vanity. Mission-style.

Sliding drawer that fits around the plumbing.
So exciting to get a project completed. Right now at the farm, we have to go downstairs to wash up in the utility sink in the future laundry room. What a luxury to have a sink in the bathroom. I'll post some pics when it is assembled & installed.

I am excited to get to the farm on Friday. It's my birthday day. The big 54! Glad I don't feel that old. :-)
My brother & his wife might be coming up to visit on Saturday so that will be fun!
I am constantly thinking about what I want to do with the land we have and am thinking of having Eli plow a huge area for winter rye and then follow it with oats in the spring. We need straw for the garden and eventually maybe more garden space. We are starting to look into getting certified organic so we can sell veggie through Organic Valley (a possibility?) or market our own. With twelve acres, there are so many possibilities. Can't wait to see what veggies are ready to harvest this weekend (or what is missing...a post on that later). I have a feeling the thing that needs the most harvesting is the grass :-)


Hot Belly Mama said...

Wow! I am really REALLY impressed. And kind of jealous too. lol.

Wallene said...

Happy Birthday! :)

Happy Days said...

Happy Birthday to YOU!
Happy Birrrthday to YOOU!!
Haaappy Birrrrrthdaaaay dear Baaarb
Happy Birthday to YooooOOOOO!!!
Hope your special day is special!!

Cabinets are going to look fantastic!! Can't wait to see them all finished and installed!...debbie

Barb and Steve said...

Thanks everybody! :-)

The cottage by the Cranelake said...

I admire anyone that can build their own things!

Have a great birthday!

PatQ said...

Wow. Things are really coming together. I can't wait to see it. Happy Birthday to you as well. I haven't seen you guys at any meetings lately? I'm always there now because we're running a trip.