Wednesday, January 27, 2010

Making Your Own Blog Book

Blog Book

Before Christmas, I was trying of think of a special gift for Steve. While searching for a solution for a blogging email problem I am having, I came across an article on making a book from your blog. I checked it out and started right away. It is fairly easy. It does take some time to put together if you don't want every post from your blog in the book but it is doable. I focused mainly on the farm related posts so I had to delete a lot of other posts first. The program pulls the info right off your blog. In order to pick and choose what I wanted printed, I manually "unpublished" all blogs that I didn't want in the book. After making sure everything was correct, I ordered the book and then "re-published" all the old entries. It was fun to pick out the cover style and what pictues I wanted for the front, back and introduction page which I used for a dedication page. You can also add photos anywhere in the book. There is an option for hard cover or soft cover  and pdf.
Well, Steve loved the book.  Here he is Christmas morning, reading it after the kids left.

So if you want to give a special gift or just want to save your posts in a lasting way, this is a good solution.


The cottage by the Cranelake said...

What a great idea! I´m not surprised he liked it!
Have a great day now!

JC said...

I've heard you could do that ...

Anonymous said...

wow! didn't know you could do that! That was a great idea Barb! Aren't you smart AND creative!...debbie

Laura said...

Can you post the link or info about where you put the blog together and had it published, that is such a cool idea. My dad does a great blog about the ranch he is building board by board by hand out in New Mexico, I would love to do that for him. Great gift!

Barb and Steve said...

Here is the link...I meant to put it in the post.

There atre other too. This is the one I used & am very happy with it. It only took a week to ship to me too.