Tuesday, June 9, 2009

Just Had to Stay

White Clover Blossom

Well, I'm still here at the farm. I really wanted to get the garden weeded. Yesterday afternoon after visiting with Lizzie I decided to get the farm boots on & tackle the garden. Boy was it muddy! I should have taken a picture of the boots when I was done :-). I got quite a bit of hand weeding done, but couldn't use the old cultivator due to the mud.

Lamb in pasture

Lizzie & the family are doing fine. I held the baby for about an hour while she was sleeping. So cute. I wish I could take a picture & show you. She weighs six lbs. 10 oz. now. One of the twins twisted her knee while hoeing and is using a wheelchair now. She hopes to be out of it by the end of the week. The other twin was learning how to sew bonnets on the treadle machine. They do all the gathering by hand.

This morning it was sunny so I got to work by eight in the front herb garden. There are so many weeds in there you can't see the herbs. I did the best I could while being anxious to get in the garden. I put up some string for the hops to climb on. They won't cling to the wall. There is some lemon balm, sorrel, chives and mint hanging on to life among the weeds as far as I could tell.
The rest of the day I spend in the garden weeding. I have been having issues with my back this spring and I really bothered me today. Like pins & needles between my shoulder blades. I had to take so many breaks and finally quit at 5:30. I think the chiropractor might get a call tomorrow when I get home.

After resting a while, I took a walk to check on the hazelnut trees. They are growing so fast. Then on to the orchard where a red-winged black bird kept circling me then landing on a pear tree. There must be a nest close by.

Comfrey is in bloom now. I could hear the bees buzzing as I walked into the orchard. We have it planted around most every tree in the orchard. Great for pollination and a nitrogen fixer besides. You can also use comfrey for a liquid fertilizer or cut the leaves to use as a mulch. There are herbal uses for comfrey, too. It is a powerful antibacterial, antifungal, and reduces swelling and inflammation when used in poultices or beeswax based lotions. It is not to be used internally. Comfrey in bloom

Tomorrow I head back to Illinois to catch up on work, go to the chiropractor and rest up for a weekend visit with Steve's brother & sons. And most important, see Steve. Then I'll drive back up next week for another session of the same thing. Mowing, weeding & catching up with the neighbors.


Anonymous said...

Nice to hear about Lizzie and baby Fanny. Sorry to hear about the twin hurting her ankle. The weeds are just endless. Don't we wish our plants and veggies would grow that fast! Sorry to hear about your back. I know it must hurt. Drive safe on your way home!!...debbie

The cottage by the Cranelake said...

Great to hear about the baby growing!
Do You really want Comfrey in Your garden? here it´s one of the worst weeds one can get. Spread like crazy and is almost impossible to get rid of, beautiful though and the bees and bumblebees love it. I´ve just found a couple of comfreys beside my dogyard and I will try to get rid of it if possible.

Take care!

Sue said...

Those darn weeds, they never take a break!

Grammy said...

Don't over due and hurt your back. It is not easy to recover from. I use long grain rice in a sock and heat it for 2 minutes in the microwave. then apply it to the pain. It helps allot. to reheat just use 1 minute. There is never an end to weeds with out mulch. I have been using cut grass. And cypress to help.
Take care.

Peggy said...

Hi, I am visiting all of the followers of my blog and would like to thank you for doing so.Weeds are the bane of everyones life regardless of which hemisphere we live on!I think you should be taking things a little easier especially as you are still having physio, I go out to the allotment for an hour and come home 5 hours later it is so easy to spend time out in the open air.
I planted Borage this year but will be pulling it out soon as it is a garden thug, like Comfrey. I think they should be put in an unused corner of the garden where they cannot interfere with anything else.
Best wishes

angie said...

Miss you Barb. Hope all is OK.